Vision Centered Leadership

Without vision the people perish and with vision the impossible becomes a reality.  If a leader provides a compelling vision, the people will follow.  The participants in this keynote presentation or workshop in learn:

  • – Why vision is the primary building block for leadership- Create and communicate their long term vision

    – How to build a leadership core team to advance the vision

    – Develop a 3-5 year strategy to support the vision

    – Develop measurable annual goals to deliver the strategy

As a Man Thinks, So is He – Leadership Behaviors

Do your people share the truth with you or do they get quiet when you walk in the room?  Do your people give you constructive criticism or they only praise you?  Are you the smartest person in the room or do your people continuously bring fresh ideas and identify new opportunities.  Organizations take on the behaviors of the leader and call it culture.  As a result, a leader’s behaviors fuel or starve the loyalty, cohesion, productivity and subsequently the long term success of the team.  As a result, the goal of positive impact and leadership legacy is either secured or lost due to the behaviors of the leaders.  Participants in this keynote presentation or workshop in learn:

  • To understand his/her leadership style and the strengths and weaknesses of that style
  • How to apply the primary leadership behaviors that drive success (trust, transparency, accountability, conflict engagement, vulnerability, decisiveness et al)

Seasons of Leadership

Leaders go through seasons of ease and difficulty as well as transition and stability during their leadership journey similar to the Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer seasons of the year.  Participants in this keynote presentation or workshop will learn how to recognize the seasons in their leadership and how to respond while in the midst of each season.

  • Identify leaders in each season and tell why
  • Identify public response to these leaders
  • Identify leaders response/reaction while in the midst of season
  • Who is an evergreen and who is a deciduous tree during the seasons

Power of the People

Organizations rise and fall based on the level of empowerment leadership provides and employees assume.  Strong healthy organizations rely on the power of the people to identify and resolve difficult challenges.  Leadership provides the resources and boundaries and then steps aside to let highly skilled and motivated employees take control and deliver results beyond expectations.  Participants in this workshop will learn the following:

  • – Leaders will learn how to release control and empower employees to resolve key issues
  • – Staff will learn how to embrace empowerment and utilize it to generate positive change
  • – Participants will learn how to leverage the strength and creativity of embracing empowerment

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace – Leadership Communication

The real power of a leader is unleashed only if he/she will communicate in a manner that a diverse group of people can receive the most important messages.  If you don’t communicate well as a leader, you’ll find yourself on a frustrating journey by yourself – working hard with little results and even less appreciation.  This workshop will teach your leaders how to release the power of leadership communication.

Marriage with Kids – Oh Yeah!!

Marriages continue to struggle as couples get married in a spirit of love and joy and crash into isolation and divorce not long after.  You can take a different path.   Marriage and children can give you everyday mountain top experiences even in the midst of daily challenges.  As a result, this workshop is designed for couples considering marriage, newlyweds and married couples with children.  Participants will learn and apply the L.I.F.E. principle to create a powerful and fulfilling marriage:

  • – Laughter
  • – Intimacy
  • – Friendship
  • – Expectations

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